Building Code of Australia (BCA): Unisex Toilet: Disability Access

AUST – HENDRY disability access consultants advise that the Building Code of Australia (BCA) allows a unisex facility required for people with a disability, may be counted once for each sex under Clause F2.2(c ) for the calculation of the required number of sanitary facilities to be provided.

This therefore means that if for example there is a requirement for a toilet block to contain 10 toilets (5 for the male and 5 for the female) the installation of a single unisex toilet for people with disability will mean that only 9 toilets will be required (4 for the male, 4 for the female and 1 unisex  facility).

Alternatively for a small business employing 10 or less people in a building, the BCA permits a single unisex facility to be provided instead of separate facilities for each sex. The installation of a single unisex accessible sanitary facility for people with a disability will therefore satisfy the Disability Access Code requirements whilst also complying with the required number of toilets for the staff under the BCA.

The provision of a single unisex sanitary facility for people with a disability is therefore particularly relevant and useful for small buildings where there is limited space available and where the business employs 10 or less people in the building.