Building Code of Australia (BCA): D1.8 External Stairways or Ramps Instead of Fire Isolated Exits

AUST – HENDRY building surveyors raise a question concerning the Building Code of Australia (BCA) in Part D1 ‘Provision for Escape’, D1.8 ‘External Stairways or ramps in lieu of fire isolated exits’.

Building Code of Australia: Clause – Issue

What protection is required to protect the occupants using an exit from exposure to a fire within the building?

Building Code of Australia: Clause – Explanation


The exit stair is required to be protected from any part of the external wall of the building which has an 60/60/60 or any openings in the external wall that are located less then 6.0m from the stair. Clause D1.8(c)(ii) permits fire rated enclosure to be constructed to provide a shield so as to protect the occupants using the exit stair from exposure to a fire within the building. The construction of the shielding element must comply with the Clause D1.9(d) in relation to the fire rated construction and the protection of openings. Clause D1.8(c)(i) provides an alternative method of protection to the exit

The following illustration from BCA Illustrated depicts an external stair lieu of an internal fire – isolated stair:

BCA Illustrated

BCA Illustrated contains 178 illustrations (each containing an issue, explanation, references and an illustration) in Part D1 Provision for Escape.

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